Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I would like to introduce to you my inspiration for making my jewelry, our beautiful horses! Horses have always been a part of my life and I couldn't imagine life without them. Two of our horses are rescues and that has made me aware of the many horses out there that are in need of loving homes. It is a shame that theses beautiful creatures become disposable. They have big hearts and so much to offer.

 T.W. Haus, aka, "The Amazing T.W.Haus" is a big, 10yr old Tennessee Walker. Most of his vision is gone due to moonblindness and has been from a very early age. Before we got him he was out to pasture for several years and very picked on by the other horses. He is a dream to ride, does trail riding beautifully, and even performs in the show ring. You would never know this horse is visually impaired.The first summer I had him he won a first place blue ribbon at the County Fair in Easy Gait Class.

Whiteout is the "Charmer". He has the sweetest personality and is quite the ham. He is an 8 yr old Standardbred. When we got him he was fresh off the track.Within a very short time we had him going down trail like a pro. He is extremely intelligent and is an awesome ride down trail. He is a rare gray and very handsome ( and he knows it too.) He is my husbands "Big Puppy Dog"! That is me in a rare pic of Whitey not making a silly face. He loves to make goofy faces for the camera.

Dude is our baby. He is a 5 yr old Reg. Paint. He was purchased by my Mom for just trail riding. He is a beautiful mover with alot of chrome....but Dude has a new job, Show Horse! My son took over training him and has had an awesome two seasons of very successful showing on him. Dude is quite lazy and would just rather eat than anything but when this boy enters a show ring he is a performer!! He will be showing Training Level Dressage this season.

I would love to hear your story about your rescue horse!

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